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Questions & Answers:

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service that is free from Google that creates very detailed information and statistics about your websites traffic, user behaviour, conversion rates and even sales. Google Analytics needs to be installed on every page of your website to track data accurately.

How long does it take to get my site ranking?

Achieving rankings can be a long process that relies on many factors. ROI Connect aims to create realistic and viable expectations for all clients when optimising your website. While results take time, not optimising your website puts you at a severe disadvantage when it comes to search engine rankings.

You need to work with professionals who have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you gear your website in the most suitable way to gain visibility online and thus rankings. We would expect to see positive movements in your targeted keywords within 4 weeks of our content edits going live on your website however, it is all dependent on search engine trends and competition.

Remember that Google is a third party; we can optimise your site for the search engine and we can adapt our knowhow, but we are always at the hands of Google, and we cannot control the results.

Why does my competitor rank above me?

Google has many different ranking factors: age of site, quality of site, content, link profile, etc. Sometimes it even tests websites at different positions on the first page to test whether Google’s customers (you and me) will react well to the website.

The most important thing to us is getting you visibility with rankings and getting the right eyeballs onto your site.   Again, please remember that Google is a third party, we can optimise your site for the search engine and we can adapt our knowhow, but we are always at the hands of Google; we cannot control the results.

Why have my rankings dropped?

Search engine results and rankings may change slightly, movement between one or two places is quite normal and it has to do with competition, location, previous search history, when a site was last crawled by Google, which websites are optimised, your brand online etc. We can usually negate the effects of traffic with great Title Tags and Meta Descriptions because even when rankings change, with a great proposition and a call to action, you can do as well or better than sites with better rankings.  When you rank out of the top 20 results, dramatic ranking increases and drops are pretty regular and although they can be a sign that something has changed, they are not always an indicator, it may be bad luck.
Quite often, a ranking drop will be because there are many pages on your website with similar targets, for example:  Home page is about Banners, then the internal pages are about large banners, then one about small banners, one about colourful banners, then banners Melbourne etc. and so on.  When Google finds a site like this, it can only guess as to what is the best page for keywords relating to the keyword “Banners” so sometimes it switches its focus of the most important page. Usually some pages will be stronger than others and it is when Google switches its focus that the rank will drop or go back up. Our team will always strive to have plans in place to negate this issue occurring.
If you see major drops, such as first page to not even ranking, there may be a technical issue or in some extreme cases, your site may have been hit by a Google update or a penalty.
Our team try to be as proactive with major issues as we can but sometimes we are at Google’s every whim because – that’s right – Google is a third party, we can optimise your site for the search engine and we can adapt our knowhow, but we are always at the hands of Google; we cannot control the results.

Does ROIconnect offer hosting?

ROI Connect offers some hosting services in conjunction with purchases of web products. If you’re not yet ready to upgrade to a web product, we recommend you use a local provider for affordable and reliable hosting solution.

My website is hacked, what can I do?

Let your service provider know immediately. Once you have informed your provider, please keep us in the loop at all times via  so that we can manage your SEO performance.

My website doesn’t appear when I click on the URL

There may be an issue with your Hosting Provider, either there will be a server issue or maybe you have not renewed your hosting agreement.  Please check with your Web Developer & Hosting Provider and remember to keep us in the loop.

My website is running slow or taking a long time to load

There may be a server issue with your Hosting Provider. Please check with your Web Developer & Hosting Provider and remember to keep us in the loop.

What is Traffic?

Traffic is the next step in your online campaign after rankings are achieved. Once you’ve achieved rankings for your targeted pages on search engines for a sustained amount of time, the next step is to increase traffic to those pages.

When you sign up with ROI Connect you’re buying a product to get your site ranking. We will try to incorporate traffic as much as possible however rankings are the most important aspect of these products. If you’re interested in more traffic

We have a range of services available to service your traffic needs – call us today to discuss the best options for your business.

Why is my traffic down?

There are many reasons for traffic to be down: it may be seasonal, it may be industry changes, it may be that rankings have moved down, it may also be that you were using Google AdWords before and that traffic was reporting in your organic data because the accounts were not linked correctly, or you may have removed certain products from your site because you don’t sell them any longer.

Please think about why your traffic has dropped in detail and if it is rankings, we will review for you.  Note, if you see a very sudden and very sharp drop in traffic, it may be that Google Analytics data or access has been removed, if this is not the case you may have had a technical issue or a Google penalty – if so, contact us for immediate assistance.

The keywords you target don’t bring traffic

Some keywords we target may not bring a lot of traffic, which is why we need to gather as much data as possible early on in your SEO campaign. Sometimes all you need is a few decent clicks from the right people to make a sale rather than hundreds of clicks from people that are not interested in your offerings.

Our strategy is to get you visibility for keywords that should deliver good clicks for your business.  They will also generate traffic for other keywords that we don’t target, which is why we cluster our keywords in groups to get that range of good traffic.  For example, if you are a plumber in Fitzroy, Melbourne the best traffic for you would come through keywords such as “Plumber in Fitzroy” rather than the keyword “Plumber” however, as you can imagine, these two keywords tend to differ in traffic greatly.  As you can see, we choose keywords based on your business needs.

What are keywords and how do they influence my campaign?

Keywords are the indicators that search engines use when crawling your site for relevance to a particular search. They can make or break your search engine ranking.

Adding keywords to the content of your website can improve its search results ranking by making the page more relevant to a search however, overusing keywords or purposefully using keywords that are irrelevant to your page for the purpose of rankings can result in your site being banned for spam.

Why did you choose the keywords that you did for our campaign?

When identifying keywords, ROI Connect selects words and phrases that someone is most likely to use when searching for your business online; these phrases are then integrated into the content of your site.  With the advantage of being backed by Australia’s largest SEO agency, our team has years of experience selecting keywords, and we draw on our vast knowledge base to deliver the best results in the fastest possible time for a variety of niche markets. We also use the latest online tools to ensure were always ahead of the market trends.

Our keywords are chosen with your business segmentation in mind. We choose a mix of keywords that will get you visibility on search engines quickly as we understand small businesses need instant results.

For example, our experience tells us choosing location based keywords will also further refine the search results for your specific business location resulting in a better quality score and rankings for online search engines.

Can I change my keywords?

Our team do regular reviews of your account and if we notice keywords that are ranking well but deliver low traffic to your business, or keywords ranking way out of the first page, we will suggest edits.

How does keyword threading differ to keyword stuffing?

With SEO, you don’t have to include the keyword in your content in whole; ‘long tail’ keywords or variations of the original keywords can be equally as important, and sometimes provide a more naturally sounding alternative.
For example, you wouldn’t write a sentence like: “we offer the best carpet cleaning Melbourne, a carpet cleaning service Melbourne residents…..” etc. because this content is so clearly stuffed with keywords, it reads poorly and search engines will read this as potential spam.

Keyword threading is cleverly lining your content with phrases that will make your site relevant for the targeted keywords, for example:  “We offer fantastic carpet cleaning services to homes and businesses across Melbourne. Operating throughout Victoria, we choose to use the best chemicals…”

It is important to have an expert utilise long tail keywords throughout your content. ROI Connect’s experienced and knowledgeable content writers can expertly thread whole and long tail keywords throughout your content to ensure a naturally sounding, search engine friendly result.

Why do you need to edit my content?

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. We edit your site’s content to make sure that the targeted keywords are represented adequately throughout your site’s pages, which helps enhance your ranking campaign. Every individual page on your website should include relevant keywords in three key crawl fields: Title tags; headings; and page content. Content has to be unique on every page for the best search result rankings.

If there isn’t enough content to thread our chosen keywords through, we will have to create new pages of content to optimise. This will mean an upgrade in your package of an additional $150 for content creation. Without adequate keyword inclusion, your site will be overlooked by crawlers as it will seem less relevant to the search, and thus, will not rank highly. The expert content writers at ROI Connect will craft specified content for your business to ensure the proper measures are in place to effectively thread keywords through your site.

In 99% of cases we only attempt to thread the keywords through your existing content because your business is unique. You are the expert of your industry and business, not us, so it creates a nice mix when we optimise what is already there, rather than re-writing everything.

What are headings or H1, H2, H3 Tags?

Headings in your content are used just the same as a heading on a print ad. In HTML code, a heading is singled out by using an H tag, hence why they are called H1, H2 etc.  They are a great way to introduce the page and explain what the content is about.

For SEO purposes, H1 tags tell search engine crawlers what the page is about and how it is relevant. H2’s and H3’s etc. are all the sub headings on the page used to support/back up the H1. The H1 is the most important element on the actual page of content. A poorly optimised H1 tag will mean a huge disadvantage to your site when being crawled for a search, as it will appear less relevant. This could lead to a drop in rankings, or a poorly performing page.

It is always important to have an expert craft your H1 and further headings, as they need to be a fine balance of keywords as well as natural readability. ROI Connect’s content specialists can craft specified H1s and other headings for your website to ensure the best visibility to search engine crawlers.

It is best not to tamper with your page headings, however if you do, don’t just stuff the headings with keywords – they must be relevant and read naturally!

What are title tags?

Title tags are the very first element of any site crawled by a search engine when conducting a search. They are not seen by your customers on your web page; rather, they will see them on the search engine results pages (SERPs) where they look similar to an advert.

It is really important that your title tags are relevant to your page content. If you do not optimise your title tags, there is a good chance your page will be overlooked by search engine crawlers and left out of search results, impacting on your rankings.

ROI Connect’s content writers have the skill and finesse to craft a title tag that not only creates relevance to crawlers, but also to readers. Creating this balance will entice your readers to click through to your site once your page shows up on the SERPs. 

What are Meta descriptions?

A Meta Description is the text that you can see on search engine results underneath the title (see above image). They don’t have an effect on your SEO, however they are vital for the click through rate (CTR) of your page.

Having a meta description that has been written by an expert will mean a clear, concise message is presented to searchers, giving them a really clear direction that your site is the one to click through to. A poorly written or neglected meta description not only looks messy, it repels potential customers from clicking through to your site.

We have seen past clients rank #3 but get more traffic than the person ranking #1 because the Meta Description was much better!

What is duplicate content?

You should never copy other people’s content nor have multiple websites with your content duplicated.  NEVER cut and paste content from your website to another of your business websites as you will not only be competing with yourself, but you’ll also be vulnerable to search engine anti-spam bans. Google has specifically created an anti-spam related update named “Panda” to weed out this kind of thing and the penalties are quite severe.  So the motto is, keep your content unique at all times!  This will also benefit you because potential customers will be more interested in your copy if it differs from all your competition.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is the access needed to be able to connect to your website.  It’s important you have this information. When you first signed up with your Web Hosting provider they would have likely emailed you this information. All you need to do is contact your web hosting company and say: “I need the FTP access for my website.”
(FTP login details)

  • Host:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Port:

What is CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a system that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. Usually, you can get this information from your website developer.
e.g. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ModX
(CMS Login details)

  • Login URL:
  • Username:
  • Password:

Why do you need my CMS or FTP login information?

When we run your SEO campaign, it is vital that we check your website for any potential errors or reasons why Google may not be able to crawl your website correctly. Having access helps us go into the back end of your website and run checks and make fixes efficiently and directly.

What are links or backlinks?

Links are other websites that point to your website.  When Google reads this, they can pass strength to your website through notoriety, helping you become an authority and this in turn can help your rankings on Google.

The best kind of link is one that is relevant to your website, for example:  I am an Australian business, I have a listing on a website about Australian businesses that is relevant, but even better, I sell tomatoes in Sydney, the Farm that is in NSW has a link to my website pointing out suppliers of their tomatoes in Sydney.
Some typical websites that links may be found or placed on are business listing sites, article based websites, resource sites, opinion or review sites and supplier listing sites.

Should I buy Links?

Never. This is against Google policy and whilst you may receive quick wins by doing this, once Google finds out, you will be hit very hard and the long term effects will far outweigh your short term gains (if any).
The best thing you can do is use your own network of businesses to connect with, for example your suppliers or a blog writer in your industry.

What links do you build and/or how many?

We build links for you, it is all part of your SEO campaign.  To avoid spam, we roll them out if and when we may need them.  Initially we will make sure you are listed in all the business and potentially industry specific business resources that we know are high quality in Australia. This gives your website an initial push that is required to get you some strength in Google search results and because they are carefully picked, the resources are of high quality. Throughout your campaign we continually allocate links to your account, but our focus is on relevance and quality so the numbers are low and may vary depending on how your account is performing. It is never a good idea to push the links because you can risk being hit by Google and penalised for rorting the system.

What is Google Places?

Google Places is a tool that you can use to list your business location on Google.  The results become a listing in Google Maps to help your potential customers navigate to your business, and they also show up in search results if Google feels that what the person is searching for can be found locally and that having local based results will help the user.

For example, if I were to Google “Plumbers Sydney” I would get a list of about 7 Google Places on the first page in Google as well as some normal results because if I search that term, I want a local company and don’t want to trawl through listings with Melbourne results etc.

How can they help my SEO?

Google Places can help your SEO by linking them to your website or a location based page on your website. You can rank well for some location based search results that are usually dominated by much larger companies – it is a way in for some smaller businesses.  They also look different and encourage high click through, and on mobile phones they encourage click to call.
The trouble is that they are not always so reliable, they can be quite varied in their results, showing one day but gone the next, so it is always advisable to have them as part of your SEO campaign but not rely on them wholly.

I can’t see my Google Places?

If your Google Places listing used to show up in Google Search results but has stopped showing up it is usually due to one of three regular factors:

  1. Some kind of change has been made to your Google Places listing. Your address may have changed or some information may have been edited.  This is something our team can assist you with.
  2. Google has changed the way the results appear.  We are at the whim of a third party (Google) and Google Places listings change quite often. We may be able to advise or help in this case but sometimes it may be a waiting game.
  3. Your Google Places account has been duplicated. As with duplicate content, Google is not a fan of duplicate Google Places listings and quite often, duplicate Google Places listings are not created by businesses or by us, they can also be automatically generated by Google if they find a listing of yours on a review website or business listing. Our team can assist you with this with your help, we need to claim all the listings under your account and then systematically delete them.

How do you claim Google Places?

ROI Connect can claim your Google Places for you over the phone or via a postcard. Google will send a PIN code to the address on the Google Places listing that you need to contact us with ASAP. Once we have this PIN we can commence set up of your Google Places listing.

What services does ROIconnect offer for Social Media?

Social media now has a huge presence in the world of online business. If you’re running social campaigns for your business, you should keep us informed of what you’re doing on your social media platforms eg. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Simply email us a link at and let us know when you’ve created something new.

Should I write my own blogs?

Writing a blog can help you build a great profile and help you to become an authority on certain subjects in your industry.  If you are actively writing you own blog, you should keep our team informed so that we can help you utilise your blog by applying SEO tactics to help your SEO campaign.

How many should I write?

Because Google only crawls websites every 2 weeks, more than 1 per week is a bit excessive.

What are Google penalties?

Google is a constantly changing platform and is frequently re-optimising its algorithms. This is to combat spam content, unauthorised linking, and to weed out dodgy business practises taking rankings and potential business away from honest, worthy businesses.

Being hit by a Google penalty is a huge disadvantage to your business. It will effectively destroy any ranking you have achieved, and stop all effective SEO practises implemented on your site from working efficiently.

ROI Connect cannot stop you from being hit by an update however, our team of small business experts can help you work through it to recover as soon as possible.

How do I know if I have been hit by a Google Penalty?

The first thing to realise is that there is a difference between a Google Update and a Penalty.  A Google Update will affect your rankings and is something that can be managed. If done correctly, an update won’t harm your campaign long term; we just need to help you change tactics.

A Penalty however, will affect your rankings severely, dropping you out of all search results (either your whole site or a particular page or pages) and can be very much an uphill battle to get you back to normal, if that is possible.
Quick ways to identify that you may have been affected:
-  You have lost rankings significantly
-  Google will notify ROI Connect via an application called Webmaster Tools
-  ROI Connect may log into Google Analytics to investigate possible traffic drops
-  You know that you have been practicing in purchasing links or someone has been doing it on your behalf.
The most concise document out there on identification and explanation of Google Penalties can be found here:

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is an updated algorithm from Google designed to minimise poor content or content that has been copied or duplicated.

What is Google EMD (Exact Match Domain)?

EMD was released by Google to weed out all the people that had low quality content and websites designed just to rank for keywords. As an example, they may look something like this: trying to rank for “keyword Melbourne” with that word repeated through its content over and over again and poor links.

What is Google Penguin?

Another updated algorithm from Google, the Penguin update is designed to penalise people who are using spam links, buying links or obviously manipulating the process of link building for strong SEO results

What is link devaluation?

Link devaluation is where Google has gone through old directories or sites that offer links and devalued them so that they no longer pass on good quality strength to the sites that they point to.  This affects you because suddenly, strength that you once had has been removed. This is not your site getting penalised – as part of our services, ROI Connect can find ways to fill that gap.

I am not getting any leads or sales with the SEO strategy

Our SEO starter packages are all about getting you visibility for keywords that are related to your business.  Whilst SEO is proving to be a very good marketing and lead generation tool for businesses, our goals are to get you in front of your potential market.  This may get you leads that turn to sales.  Lead generation (also known as conversion optimisation) is the next level in Digital Marketing. (of which we are a subsidiary) can offer lead generation solutions that are far more advanced than our starter packages for small businesses.

Want more leads and sales? UPGRADE NOW to a advanced SEO package and benefit from expert knowledge and high calibre strategies to increase your lead generation and sales.

ROI Connect is dedicated to uniting you with your customer base to achieve fast results. Contact us via to discover how we can help you bridge the gap and grow your business in the fastest and most cost-effect way. We endeavour to respond to all service enquiries within 72 hours.